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Not sure what are the first steps you need to take for your healthcare?

Are you confused by Medicare and what is required?

Having a difficult time trying to figure out what is the best plan for you and your needs?

Do you really have the lowest cost plan available and if so, will it adequately cover what you should have for your future?

You need someone in your corner that listens and understands where you’re coming from.

Someone who has been there and can find the solutions to your questions.

Someone who can give you options and develop a plan, enrolling you in your best choice – without any cost to you!

Joyce Joneschiet (Jonah-shite) has been working with seniors for over 10 years; first as an interior designer who started Encore Living Interiors in 2008 to provide a service that seemed to be missing for those seniors and baby boomers who want to age in place in their own home. Especially for those who want not only to have a safe home that assists in fall prevention but also is comfortable and beautiful at the same time. She saw the need to design spaces that could also accommodate the disabled and injured veterans with homes that could be enjoyed and bring dignity and pride into their environments.

She published Encore Life Magazine, a free quarterly digital magazine and blog that offers resources, articles, and tips to baby boomers on travel, money & finances, aging in place and health and wellness. Joyce was also the radio show host of Encore Living Radio, a weekly show that’s a lively & provocative discussion with baby boomers & seniors providing solutions & resources to the active life. Since then, she’s been seen on NBC, CBS, ABC, and FOX.

In 2014, she closed her business to take care of her parents full time for 2 years at home. As she navigated the Medicare system for them, it became apparent to her that there had to be an easier and better way to understand what seniors and their families needed. She went to work in the insurance industry to make a difference. Now she is available to help you and your family find the best solutions for your needs with understanding and compassion.

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