Maureen Harkcom
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Hi from Maureen Harkcom. I grew up in Lewis County and currently live near Chehalis, Washington. I am licensed in Washington and Oregon to assist you with your Medicare Solutions. As a senior citizen, I know how confusing it was for me when I turned 65 to pick a plan that I felt sure was the best for me. We each have different health issues/concerns and financial situations. Those two factors result in different plans meeting our individual needs. I feel my strength is explaining clearly and reducing confusion so you pick a plan that you truly feel is the right fit for you.

I am available throughout the year to answer questions and explain options so you can pick the plan you are confident gives you the “bang for your buck” you are looking for. Please feel free to contact me whether you are turning 65 or leaving employer insurance and looking for an initial plan, or are considering changing to a different plan. We can work together on your insurance need.