Patrice Lewis
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My goal has always been to get paid for doing something I really enjoy and I’ve reached that goal as a Medicare Health Insurance Broker. I love helping people, especially when it adds to the quality of their lives. And I have a knack for explaining complicated things, which Medicare surely is! My clients tell me all the time how helpful it is to sit with someone who takes the time and has the skills and knowledge to help them get a clearer understanding of how Medicare works, what their options are and what to consider when selecting a Health Insurance plan. Deciding on the best plan for their unique needs is the reward for us both.

I serve people in West Seattle, where I’ve lived since 1985, and the areas south such as White Center, Burien, Renton and Tukwila. I am available for in-person, phone or virtual appointments as well as presentations to groups. And of course, you can always call me with your questions. Let me help you find the very best Medicare plan for your personal situation.