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Medicare can be overwhelming at first. Having someone there to help you through is invaluable. Even if you have had Medicare for years, you may not know all the options available to you. Special needs cases require more attention and detail. If you can relate to these factors, you are not alone. Let someone like Sharon Nair help you through. She is a thorough, patient, and caring Independent Insurance Agent who is certified with multiple highly rated Healthcare companies offering Medicare Advantage, Medicare Supplement and Prescription Drug Plans. She works with you to identify what fits your budget, health needs, and lifestyle so you can move on to what matters most in your life. Sharon will proactively review with you annually any changes that effect you and remains available throughout the year for assistance in your Medicare Insurance needs. Being dedicated to supporting you is no cost to you, so why wait? Contact Sharon Nair for a consultation today.

– Medicare Insurance Licensed and certified in Washington State